Strathcona Spirits Single Grain Vodka


Award-winning, very small batch vodka is milled, mashed, fermented and distilled in our tiny distillery.   This smooth vodka experiences 20 distillations before filtration, leaving a very smooth, soft natural essence of wheat berry complimented by subtle vanilla notes and a light, sweet finish. Made from 100% single grain hard red wheat grown 23 km from the distillery. A delicious sipping vodka that also shines in all kinds of cocktails. Try it with your favourite craft soda over ice or in a martini!

Badland Seaberry Gin

Distilled in the traditional London dry style, this dynamic gin is the expression of 10 unique botanicals. A portion of the juniper used is wild foraged from the fossil filled Badlands along the Red Deer River. To help balance some of the other botanicals we also employ the sour, bitter, tangy, native Seaberry which can be found growing all over the City of Edmonton; which is where we pick it.

Oloroso Dreamland Whisky 

Volume 2: Behold, Sherry Finish! Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain's southwest: here in the prairies.


These revered and rarified casks are the crown jewels of the global cask trade. Oloroso finishing is a bonafide Old World Whisky tradition and is now part of the leading edge of New World Whisky. Fortune smiled for these casks to cross the water and open their creaking wooden hearts to our spirits. This whisky is a 75/25 wheat/rye bill that comes as a 4 barrel release, aged 30 months in virgin oak, with a 1 year finish in 30 year old Oloroso Sherry casks.


Rich, Nutty, Layered, Dark Fruit. 


This limited release will never be made again and is limited to a 4 cask release of 1200 bottles. 

Strathcona Spirits Barrel Aged Gin

Aged in virgin American white oak whiskey barrels, this smokin', oaken gin is a whiskey drinker's botanical dream. Ten lovely botanicals include wild-foraged juniper from the Alberta Badlands and rogue-picked Seaberry from the streets of Edmonton. Slow distilled, then blessed with the Midas touch by time, fire and oak. Enjoy on its own, or in a gin or whiskey cocktail.




Absinthe Blanche Qualité Supérieure

Distilled in the true spirit of La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy), with wildcrafted Wormwood from Champ City's beloved river valley. Made to honour and appease the strange and beautiful people, stills, and spirits encountered on the Absinthe Trail (Route de l'Absinthe); the terrestrial homeland of the Green Fairy, which straddles the border of Switzerland and France.

Final flavours are a rich and complex mouthfeel with wormwood, sweet fennel, and notes of black licorice, vanilla, star anise, yarrow, & wild mint. A hearty, very well-balanced Absinthe Blanche.

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Dreamland Prairie Whisky (SOLD OUT)

Volume 1: Our first release in a new era of Champion City Whisky. Frontier-style Canadian Wheat Whisky; aged 44 months in a double-barrel routine. First rest on Virgin American Oak, then finished with a splash of rye, in Cognac and Armagnac casks from the south of France. Artwork designed by illustrator Daren Thomas Magee. 

Butterscotch, vanilla, leather. Soft-wheated body with dusty marbling of spicy rye. 



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White Oak Pinot Gin

Punchy Strathcona Spirits Gin: Aged in meticulously selected French and American white oak Pinot Noir casks. Botanicals harmonize on the wood, while the brisk, light pinot from the cask lends delicate plum and an airy ethereal pear texture. French oak on the nose. Unfiltered spirit direct from the cask, residue is expected.