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Dreamland Whisky releases are very very small batch whiskies. 

We've used and are using select, rarified and difficult to acquire finishing casks from all over the planet in our double and triple wooded whiskies. We carefully select around 1-5 casks at a time into any given release.

Each one is unique to the other, and once it's sold out it's gone for good!



Malted Dreams Whisky

44.44% alc./vol.

Local malted barley on top of our classic wheat mash bill.  A bespoke, single malt process with the complexity of multiple grains. A curiousity to those who understand the nature of whisky, and a glorious Champ City dram for everyone. 

Released December 2023 [Available]


Uncle Rye's Dreamland Whisky

41.9% alc./vol.

The divine fruit of the glorious prairies! Frontier style Canadian Rye Whisky, aged at least 4 years in virgin American white oak and ex-bourbon casks at the Strathcona Spirits Funny Farm.  


Released December 2023  [Available]



Part 3: Ol' Sherry Dreamland

50.9% alc./vol.

This 4 year old wheat whisky is aged in virgin American White oak for its smoke, vanilla, and caramels, then finished in a 75 year old Oloroso Sherry Cask from Andalucia, for its nuttiness, dried red fruits, and lust for life. Less than 500 bottles produced.

Released November 2023 [Available at Wine & Beyond]


Part 2: KY-RY Dreamland

51.4% alc./vol.

This 4 year old Canadian whisky is a chewy caramel, spiced fruit Single Cask release of hard red wheat whisky, finished in a spicy rye cask from Kentucky. It’s produced to mimic the early frontier wheat whiskies that were given a splash of rye. Less than 500 bottles produced. Spiced dry rye, caramel, and a cinnamon twist, waltzing inappropriately at a KY line dance. 

Released November 2023  [Available at Wine & Beyond]

kyrye 2_edited.jpg
final blend_edited.jpg


Part 1: The Final Blend

50.5% alc./vol.

A Whisky Blending Trilogy in 4 Parts. This is the coup de grâce: A blend of 3-5 year old 100% wheat whiskies, finished in three unique casks: A spicy rye cask from Kentucky, an Oloroso sherry cask from Andalucia, and an organic Pinot cask from BC.


All whiskies selected & blended by Ryan Engen & our Master Distiller. Cotton candy & ginger beef dancing in an orchard drinking mulled Spanish wine under a new moon.

Released November 2023 [Available at Wine & Beyond]


Lo-Rye Dreamland Whisky

58.7% alc./vol.

Behold: Dreamland wanders into a pre-Canadian style with a 3% under Cask Strength, Single Cask selection by Ryan Engen, Wine & Beyond's Whisky Wizard.


Pre & Post Canadian Whiskies were originally wheat based with a splash of rye. This expression is 100% Alta Wheat, turned bourbon-esque with just under a year on virgin oak and 3 more years in a spicy, rye drenched whisky cask. Ginger Beef//Caramel//Candy Corn & Vanilla. Alberta Whisky rages on. 


Released April 2023  [Sold out]



Ahoy! Rum Soak Dreamland Whisky

44.44% alc./vol.

Oaked in a prairie sea of virgin oak quarter casks, then funkadelically finished in extra juicy 'high hogo' Jamaican rum casks. Perhaps the wildest, most swashbuckling exploit of Strathcona's ephemeral Dreamland yet.

This high rye whisky is aged 4 years: 3 in virgin oak and 1.5 years in funkadelic 'high hogo' Jamaican rum casks. The result is a dreamy Canadian rye, with nutty wild fruit notes, fatty acids, roasted tropical fruits, and the bizarre alluring and fearsome tone of diabolical backwoods dunder pit. 

Released December 2022 [Available]


Pedro's Dreamland Whisky

46.66% alc./vol.

Dreamland Awakens: Frontier style, 85/15 Wheat/Rye, double-barreled whisky project. 4-year-old Canadian Whisky aged in Virgin Oak quarter casks (2.5 years) then finished in highly coveted PX sherry casks from southern Spain (1.5 years). 


Cherry punch, Cap'n Crunch, reverent rye pop, on a bed of sweet wheat berry. 


Released November 2022  [Available]

IMG_0437 (1)_edited.jpg


Dreamland Straight Whisky

46.3% alc./vol.

The beating heart of the Dreamland Family. Straight Canadian Whisky: Off our still, into the most outstanding casks coopered on this continent. Virgin American white oak quarter casks from Tennessee and Kentucky with a mid-char. These casks are impregnated with our divine juice of 100% hard red wheat for at least 36 months.

Smoke, oak, caramel cream, spice.

Released November 2021 [Sold out]


Tawny Dreamland Whisky

58.7% alc./vol.

Behold: our bold and salacious Tawny Port finish. A cask strength, single cask selection by Ryan Engen at Wine & Beyond. With a mashbill of 100% local hard red wheat, this 4-year-old Canadian whisky was aged 3 years on virgin oak then 1 year in a v.o. port cask. Expect juicy nectarines and a wintery fireside crackle of the heart, followed by butterscotch, caramel, and the unforgettable almond nuttiness of the punchiest of port wines. This unique, single cask pick is a true one off, and a big ripple in the new wave of Alberta Whisky.

Released October 2021 [Sold out]

Copy of Tawny Dreamland Whisky1_edited_e


Oloroso Dreamland Whisky

48.1% alc./vol.

Behold, Sherry Finish! Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain's southwest: here in the prairies. These revered and rarified casks are the crown jewels of the global cask trade. Oloroso finishing is a bonafide Old World Whisky tradition and is now part of the leading edge of New World Whisky. Fortune smiled for these casks to cross the water and open their creaking wooden hearts to our spirits. This whisky is a 75/25 wheat/rye bill that comes as a 4 barrel release, aged 30 months in virgin oak, with a 1 year finish in 30 year old Oloroso Sherry casks.


Rich, Nutty, Layered, Dark Fruit.


Released July 2021 [Sold out]


Dreamland Prairie Whisky

46.3% alc./vol.

Our first release in a new era of Champion City Whisky. Frontier-style Canadian Wheat Whisky; aged 44 months in a double-barrel routine. First rest on Virgin American Oak, then finished with a splash of rye, in Cognac and Armagnac casks from the south of France. 

Butterscotch, vanilla, leather. Soft-wheated body with dusty marbling of spicy rye. 

Released December 2020 [Sold out]

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