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750 mL | 44.44% alc./vol.

AHOY! High Rye Dreamland Whisky: Oaked in a prairie sea of virgin oak quarter casks, then funkadelically finished in extra juicy 'high hogo' Jamaican rum casks. Perhaps the wildest, most swashbuckling exploit of Strathcona's ephemeral Dreamland yet.


85% Rye, 15% Hard Red Wheat, Splash of funky, Single Origin Jamaican Rum


This high rye whisky is aged 4 years: 3 in virgin oak and 1.5 years in funkadelic 'high hogo' Jamaican rum casks. The result is a dreamy Canadian rye, with nutty wild fruit notes, fatty acids, roasted tropical fruits, and the bizarre alluring and fearsome tone of diabolical backwoods dunder pit. 


Tasting notes:

Traditional Canadian Rye spice, splash of morning cereal sweetness, tropical fruits roasted and fresh,  Funky nutty and fatty acid abound.


"It’s funny that pirates were always going around searching for treasure, and they never realized that the real treasure was the fond memories they were creating." -Grayne Wetzky

Ahoy! Rum Soak Rye Whisky

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