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Dreamland Awakens: Frontier style, 85/15 Wheat/Rye, double-barreled whisky project. 4-year-old Canadian Whisky aged in Virgin Oak quarter casks (2.5 years) then finished in highly coveted PX sherry casks from southern Spain (1.5 years). 


Cherry punch, Cap'n Crunch, reverent rye pop, on a bed of sweet wheat berry. 


Classic Grayne Wetzky with a PX handshake.

“Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity” - Grayne Wetzky



About Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks (PX Casks)


The Pedro Ximenez maturation gives the Whisky an extra Sherry sweetness. It also gives the whisky a big punch of dried fruit flavour. 


About Dreamland Whisky


 Dreamland Whisky is a line of whisky from Strathcona Spirits Distillery.

-These are very, very small batch whiskies. Each is unique to the other.

-We've used and are using very select, rarified, and difficult-to-acquire finishing casks from all over the planet in our double and triple wooded whiskies. Cognac, Armagnac, and Oloroso (Sherry) casks, as well as Port barrels and high rye Bourbons, have been employed in past. A large variety of other unique casks pepper our barrel storage racks.

-We carefully select around 4-5 casks at a time for any given release.

-The names of the releases vary, often depending on the finishing cask, but they all fall under our Dreamland Whisky family.

Dreamland Releases:
1. Dreamland Prairie Whisky, 2020 [Sold out]
2. Oloroso Dreamland Whisky, 2021 [Sold out]
3. Tawny Dreamland Whisky, 2021 [Sold out - Available exclusively at Wine & Beyond]
4. Dreamland Straight Whisky, 2021 - [Sold out - But may be available with some select retailers]
5. Pedro's Dreamland Whisky (November, 2022)

Pedro's Dreamland Whisky

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