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Wild Chaga Manhattan

Introducing the Wild Chaga Manhattan, a unique and earthy twist on the classic cocktail. Made with Strathcona Spirits' Chaga Mushrum Rye, a unique and flavorful spirit infused with chaga mushrooms, this drink is sure to impress.

1 oz sweet vermouth

2 to 3 dashes Angostura bitters

lemon peel, for garnish

Simply combine 2 oz of Chaga Mushrum Rye with 1 oz of sweet vermouth and 2 to 3 dashes of Angostura bitters in a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir the ingredients well, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. For an extra touch of elegance, garnish with a strip of lemon peel.

The Chaga Mushrum Rye brings a deep, woody flavor to the Manhattan, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the vermouth and the complexity of the bitters. Sip and savor the unique and delicious flavors of this unforgettable cocktail.


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