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This is a high quality, carbon filtered, beverage grade spirit, it is safe to consume, although we highly recommend that it be diluted before consumption. We make it available at this proof for purposes of making tinctures, perfumes, and other extracts, but it's also excellent for making your own gin, limoncello, flavoured vodkas, or any number of unique spirits. 



- 96% alc. vol. 

- 1.75 Litres

- 100% Alberta & Saskatchewan Prairie Grain

- USP, FCC Grade

- Gluten-Free

- Vegan

- Non-GMO

- Kosher Certified

- All Natural

- Natural Process, Divine Rectification


Rectified spirit: A rectified spirit or rectified alcohol is highly concentrated ethanol (drinking alcohol) that has been purified by means of repeated distillation, a process that is called rectification.


Rectified spirits are used in mixed drinks, in the production of liqueurs, for medicinal purposes, and as a household solvent.



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If the item is in sellable condition, we offer refunds within 15 days of purchase. Orders that incur a shipping fee can be refunded minus the cost of shipping. 


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Wheat Clear Stock Spirit | 96% alc. vol. | 1.75 Litres

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