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Absinthe Blanche Qualité Supérieure
55% alc./vol - 500 ml


2021 Spirit of the Year - Alberta Spirits Awards

Distilled in the true spirit of La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy), with wildcrafted Wormwood from Champ City's beloved river valley. Made to honour and appease the strange and beautiful people, stills, and spirits encountered on the Absinthe Trail (Route de l'Absinthe); the terrestrial homeland of the Green Fairy, which straddles the border of Switzerland and France.

This second batch of Absinthe is based on a vintage recipe from the House of Absinthe in the Val de Traver's in Switzerland. It is very much in line with our first release, but with a heavier dose of botanicals, and a massive input of sweet fennel!


Unlike our first batch of Absinthe Verte, this Absinthe is crystal clear in colour making it a true Absinthe Blanche. We eliminated the secondary maceration of botanicals in this iteration, and increased the botanical load, with sweet fennel playing a more dynamic role.

This new heartier, and arguably more traditional release is a touch sweeter and its louching is truly stunning (the magical transformation of the spirit from clear to opal white as cold water is dripped into the spirit).

Tasting notes

A forest bath in a Pontarlier glass!

Final flavours are a rich and complex mouthfeel with wormwood, sweet fennel, and notes of black licorice, vanilla, star anise, yarrow, & wild mint. A hearty, very well-balanced Absinthe Blanche.

Small batch release. 

Absinthe Blanche, 500 mL

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