Strathcona Spirits Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer


Silky-smooth & completely unscented. Made using Canadian plant-based (food grade) alcohol, to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy!

If you're a business or non-profit and looking to purchase bulk quantities (25+ units), please email us directly at for special pricing.

This product can be shipped across Canada.

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Technical Details:
Strathcona Spirits Distillery Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

WHO-Recommended Handrub Formulation // Health Canada Approved

Product Details: Formulated to the World Health Organization's standards (70-80% v.v. ethanol/ 1.45 v.v. Glycerol/ Hydrogen Peroxide 0.125 % v.v.). Unscented. Plant-based ethanol used. 


Viscosity: To stay within WHO's Recommended Handrub Formulation, we've avoided adding any thickeners, so viscosity is low. This product is best used in a spray bottle or something with a squirt top. We'd love to be able to provide these, but supplies across the province are very low at this point. 

NPN: 80099043 || SDS available upon request


Our Continued Charitable Effort

A significant portion of the proceeds of the initiative will go back into producing sanitizer for individuals and organizations in need within our community. If you run a non-profit that is in need of sanitizer, please send us an email to to request a donation.