Strathcona Spirits Distillery Hand Sanitizer

WHO-Recommended Handrub Formulation// Health Canada Approved  
20 L bucket with pour spout lid. Consider adding a reusable pump to this order for easy filling. 

At this time, we cannot ship this bucket. If you'd like to arrange to have a courier or hotshot pick this item up, please choose distillery pickup at checkout, and email us directly at with your order number and pickup date, and we'll have it ready for them to collect.  


Product Details: Formulated to the World Health Organization's standards (70% v.v. ethanol/ 1.45 v.v. Glycerol/ Hydrogen Peroxide 0.125 % v.v.). Unscented. DIN: 80099043


Viscosity: To stay within WHO's Recommended Handrub Formulation, we've avoided adding any thickeners, so viscosity is low. This product is best used in a spray bottle. We'd love to be able to provide these, but supplies across the province are very low at this point. 
Our Continued Charitable Effort
A significant portion of the proceeds of the initiative will go back into producing sanitizer for individuals and organizations in need within our community. 




Strathcona Spirits Hand Sanitizer, 20 L ($1.49/100mL)